Being a Soho Girl gives you access to our Consignment Service. We’re passionate about staying up-to-date on fashion trends, and we love sharing that expertise with our customers.

Through our Soho Consignment Service, we learn about your style, hand-select items, curate a collection and send Soho Style directly to your door! Read on to learn about two of our clients’ experiences with the Soho Consignment Service.

Mom on the Move: Anne

At Soho, we understand as life changes, so do schedules and styles. Anne, a beloved Soho client, found out she was pregnant with her second child, and on top of that, her family had decided to move. As Anne’s life became busier, we moved from face-to-face styling to our Consignment Service. We committed to still providing her a personal experience without taking time from her busy schedule.

We customized Anne’s style service to include weekly personalized packages that accommodated her changing schedule and body. She had so much fun exploring new styles—we included pieces that stayed true to her sporty sensibility, but also expanded into more bohemian looks that made her feel beautiful and at ease.

We cherished Anne’s trust in us to expand and deliver her style during one of the craziest times of her life. The Soho Consignment Service offers personal, consistent styling; because we all know life can be anything but.


New City, New Style: Mandy

We first connected with Mandy in the store when she was looking for an outfit to wear to a concert. Ever since then, Mandy has become one of our longstanding friends. Her life has taken her to a new city and a new job—her style evolving along the way.

Despite Mandy’s fast-paced life, we’ve kept in touch and continue to deliver her #sohostyle through our consignment service. Our packages include pieces for upcoming events, date nights, and that rare “normal” day of hanging out and bopping around. We love sending pictures to one another rocking our latest #sohostyle and are glad to still be a part of Mandy’s stylish life. Clothes brought us together but it’s the friendship and trust that continues to connect us.

Whatever life gives you, style makes you feel confident and sure of who you are. At Soho, we love connecting with our clients through their style, regardless of where they are. Visit our Contact us page to start your own journey with #sohostyle.



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